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I pulled up on the suction cup, pushed down on the spudger, and inserted the thin iFixit opening tool in the small seperation. I took my time and worked my way around all of the edges. After that it was really easy. I was able to reuse the adhesive, and my new battery install went just as planned.

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Use a hair dryer as per the suggestions and this will definitely make the job easier and reducing the risk of breaking the display. An issue is that it will go back in place if you stop pulling before you can use the spudger tool. The suction tool that came with my repair kit did not have a ring on it as per the guide picture. It has a blue handle that is open on the side. I sat at my kitchen desk and opened a drawer. I hooked the open edge of the suction handle around the drawer side edge which me a third hand.

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I held the phone with one hand and pulled it away from the desk drawer. Once the separation started I could use my other hand with the flat edge of the spudger to complete the separation. C'è un intaglio nella parte inferiore del display, appena sopra il jack cuffie. Questo è il posto più sicuro da dove cominciare a far leva per aprire il telefono. Inserisci la punta piatta di uno spudger nella fessura tra lo schermo e il case posteriore, direttamente al di sopra del jack cuffie. As you proceed, know that you must keep ALL of the adhesive stuck to the phone.

If any stays stuck to display, it can become permanently stretched as you are prying and lifting. There is absolutely no way to somehow open it perfectly so you can re-use it. Inserisci la punta piatta di uno spudger nel lato sinistro del telefono, tra il gruppo display e il case posteriore. Fai scorrere lo spudger lungo il lato del telefono per separare l'adesivo e liberare le clip di fissaggio.

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No matter which tool you use take your time so not to damage the display assembly further. Even a cracked screen is a great test tool or spare to use while doing other repairs when it still comes on. Fai scorrere lo spudger anche lungo il lato destro per continuare a separare l'adesivo e liberare dall'iPhone le clip del display. Afferra con delicatezza il gruppo display e sollevalo verso l'alto per aprire il telefono, usando le clip nella parte alta del pannello anteriore come una cerniera. Usa anche un elastico per tenere il display in una posizione sicura mentre lavori.

Come spegnere iPhone X

In questo modo eviterai di forzare i cavi del display. In caso di necessità, puoi usare la lattina di una bibita ancora chiusa per tenere sollevato il display. In the second picture I was originally wondering what that diagonal piece of material was.

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Now that I've done a repair I can say that it's the sticky adhesive around the edge of the phone lifting up with the screen. Usa la punta di uno spudger per disconnettere la spina della batteria facendo leva direttamente dalla scheda logica. Be sure not to skip this step. I have had many repairs where the screen will not light up after the repair if the battery had not been disconnected and reconnected.

You could short the battery to other nearby metal parts. I've done that, the battery clip arced to the metal cover on some of the logic board chips, and my phone wouldn't power back on for 3 days.

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They should put a caution caption on this step. I've had this happen on a 5S as well.

Spingi il connettore della batteria lontano dalla scheda logica finché rimane ben separato dal suo zoccolino per evitare il rischio di connessione accidentale alla batteria mentre lavori. It can be pulled straighter back with less chance of tearing. If you securely anchor the screen to a can of soup, it is not necessary complete step 16 Front Panel Assembly. I was able to remove the two bottom 1. I was able to remove the old battery with the Front Panel Assembly left in place.

I was able to skip removing the display assembly and logic board steps and lay the speaker upside down on the bottom edge of the logic board without putting undue pressure on the antenna cable making this a much easier and quicker repair for me. If you choose to leave the display assembly connected, I recommend using a rubber band to hold it to a box of similar size at a 90 degree angle to prevent damage and stress to the attached cables.

Either a 00 or a bit should work fine here. Some 0 bits will also work if the point is fine enough.

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Same goes for a lot of JIS bits. As long as it doesn't strip or slip, you're good. My kit's screwdriver failed about the time I got to the last few steps in this tutorial. I had a cheap precision set with a bit but that refused to seat in the screws.

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I went to Home Depot, bought a lifetime guarantee Husky precision set with through 0 bits and that worked beautifully on every screw. Lampade a Led. Strisce Led. Micro SD. Pen Drive. Lista Modelli iPhone.

IPhone 5 AAA Lista Modelli iPad. Altri Ricambi. Ricambi Apple TV. Mac Mini. Navigatori Gps. Blackberry RIM. Tag prodotto Aggiungi i tuoi Tag:. Prodotto QR Code. Marca iPhoneHospital. ON Codice Ean Il mio account. Seguici su Facebook. Orari Assistenza Clienti. Segnalato da. Per accendere il dispositivo, tieni premuto il tasto laterale finché non visualizzi il logo Apple. Per spegnerlo, tieni premuti contemporaneamente il tasto laterale e uno dei due tasti di regolazione del volume finché non visualizzi il cursore, quindi scorri per spegnere.

In alternativa, tieni premuto il tasto laterale. Per creare una superficie continua, con niente che possa ostacolarti, il tasto Home è stato sostituito da modalità nuove, ma al tempo stesso familiari, per navigare. In alternativa, se si trova su un tavolo o un'altra superficie piana, puoi sollevarlo o toccarlo per riattivarlo.

Per accedere alla schermata Home in qualsiasi momento, scorri verso l'alto dal bordo inferiore dello schermo.